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June 29 2015

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Po to się przecież podróżuje. Po dźwięki. Po obrazy. Po zapachy.
— Andrzej Stasiuk w rozmowie z Dorotą Wodecką, "Breźniew i miłość", Gazeta Wyborcza Magazyn Świąteczny, 05.09.14
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June 24 2015

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Edvard Munch

Peter Gric ~ “Biomechanical Surrealism”
Peter Gric (b.1968) is Austrian painter, drawer and illustrator originally from Czech Republic. His art is a combination of futuristic landscapes and architecture, biomechanical surrealism and fantastic realism. It’s very airy, combining known thoughts with fantastic elements and geometrical structures. Before his artistic career, he was influenced by science fiction illustrators Chris Moore, Peter Elson and by Star Wars movies. However, his biggest influence was surrealistic paintings by his father, and artists like Salvador Dalí, Giorgio de Chirico, Max Ernst, Ernst Fuchs, Rudolf Hausner, Samuel Bak, Alfred Kubin, Hans Ruedi Giger and later Zdzisław Beksiński, Odd Nerdrum and De Es Schwertberger. Most of his inspirations are from nature and architecture, but he is also fascinated by erosion, abstract geometry and women’s bodies. Gric creates visions and fantasy that he himself can’t explain. Like Beksiński, he doesn’t care about interpretations of his works. [source]

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Gaston Barbière, Set of 3 glass negatives of the Moon, 1948, France. Glass negative.

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“Z kobietami zmiennymi łatwiej jest wytrzymać niż z nudnymi. Czasami, co prawda, się je morduje, ale rzadko porzuca.”

— George Bernard Shaw
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June 14 2015

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June 11 2015

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June 10 2015

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Zdarzają się chwile, kiedy dusze wyzwolone ze swych ciemnych zasłon, płoną cudowną wrażliwością, która sprawia, że czasem milczenie jest jaśniejsze niż mowa.
— Joseph Conrad "Jądro ciemności"
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June 08 2015

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